What we do

Our eight-hour Driver Improvement Class “The Big Picture” is taught in an informative, relaxed and fun environment. With our stress-free method of teaching, you will obtain the knowledge critical to improving your skills and recognizing your responsibility to be a safe driver.

What it means for you

Taking this course may result in the dismissal of your ticket, could add up to five safe driving points to your driving record and possibly give you a discount on your car insurance (make sure to check with your insurance provider first).

Vass’ Defensive Driving School

I would like to take the time to say thank you for visiting Vass Driving School. My goal is simple; I want to provide the best driver improvement class possible in a relaxed classroom experience while having fun doing it. Based on the student feedback, I firmly believe that I have achieved that goal.

If you’re looking for a boring class where you set and watch videos all day; you’re looking in the wrong place! This is an interactive class that will capture your attention and actually make you want to participate in classroom discussion. This class is sure to open your eyes about the consequences of bad driving habits and making poor driving decisions.

This class is:
Licensed by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
Court Approved

Taking this class may result in:
Ticket Dismissal
The earning of 5 safe driving points
Possible Insurance Discount (check with your insurance provider first)

You will receive your “Certificate of Completion” the same day you attend the class.

We Offer The 8 Hour Driver Improvement Clinic

We educate more than thousands of licensed drivers annually.

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Cost Effective

Experienced Instructor

Driver Satisfaction Guarantee and
Easily fits into your schedule

“The instructor was very patient and took time to explain things to everyone and made the class fun and not so boring”

Sara S

“I will improve my driving by reducing detraction and driving more safely. Chris is a great instructor , has a good attitude and made the class more interesting”

Samantha S

“It was very eye-opening experience and educational”

Megan H

“I liked it a lot. It was It was lot better than I thought it was going to be!”

Amber S

“It is real good class. It is helpful to remind people why driving safe is good thing. It will be think before I react on the road ”

Michael L

“Very good class. Definitely learned alot from this and had a fun time! ”

David Q

“The information taught was very eye opening. I will use the information to slow myself and be more courteous. The instructor knew what he was talking about and explained it very well”

Ricky M

“It is a very good course. It makes you stop and rethink about your driving. Chris did an excellent job teaching and explaining the material”

Angela L

“I will use the information to the fullest. It also makes me want to instill it to my children that much more. I think it should be mandatory that anyone who gets license should have to attend this class. It can save someone’s life ”

Angela Y

“I learned thins in this class that I didn’t know. A friend recommended this class to me and now I’m glad she did!”

Tonya T

“This class was more interesting then previous driving classes I’ve taken. Ichose this class because the instructor came highly recommended. Chris done an excellent job and made the class enjoyable”

Kaula V

“It have taken the class before at other location and didn’t leave as Knowledgeable as i have here”

Jessica S

“Chris Vass was very successful in making the class stay focused and interested by bring it to everyone’s level on individual basis. I chose this class mainly because speaking with chris on the phone, he is very personable and level headed and seemed to really care. “

Marry P

“This course provided useful information delivered in an appropriate manner. This instructor was helpful and presented the information in a positive manner and he was highly recommended by a previous participant ”

Kimberly B