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Vass' Defensive Driving School
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Vass' Defensive Driving School
Vass' Defensive Driving School
Now offering Escort Vehicle Driver Certification Course!!

First of all, I would like to take the time to say thank you for visiting Vass' Defensive Driving School. My goal is simple; I want to provide the best driver improvement class possible in a relaxed classroom experience while having fun doing it. Based on the student feedback, I firmly believe that I have achieved that goal.

If you’re looking for a boring class where you set and watch videos all day; you’re looking in the wrong place! This is an interactive class that will capture your attention and actually make you want to participate in classroom discussion. This class is sure to open your eyes about the consequences of bad driving habits and making poor driving decisions.

This class is:
Licensed by the Virginia DMV
Court Approved

Taking this class may result in:
Ticket Dismissal
The earning of 5 safe driving points
Possible Insurance Discount (check with your insurance provider first)

You will receive your “Certificate of Completion” the same day you attend the class. It will be up to you to make sure your certificate gets to where it needs to be. Whether it goes to the DMV, the Court, or simply into a picture frame and hung up on the wall at your home; whatever the case may be, it’s your responsibility to get it there.
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